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Portafold Metal Window Catch  


I've seen these anti-rattle catches on a few Portafolds, but I can't say 100% that they left the factory with them. They could've been the only ones available as replacements in the 1970's. Check the measurements to see if they'll fit your Portafold. Impossible to source in the UK, I've got this stock from the other side of the world.

They measure 47mm end-to-end, but these are commonly known as being the 38mm version. The 38mm relates to the length from the point where it screws to the window up to the underside of the gnarled knob. The hole fixing centres are between 22 & 24mm. The fixed bracket that comes with it has hole centres of 29mm.


£9.75 each

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Portafold Metal Window Catch

Portafold Metal Window Catch


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