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Portafold Breakaway Cable



This a something I created to give myself piece-of-mind while I'm towing.

Due to their age Portafolds aren't legally required to have a breakaway cable, and as they don't have a sprung handbrake they'd be pretty useless anyway, I have come up with a shackle cable instead. This cable is strong enough to take the full weight of a fully-loaded Portafold. With this cable wrapped around the A frame and brake linkage on the Portafold, and around a solid point on the rear of your car; should the worst happen and the Portafold detach from the tow ball, it will be tied by the shackle cable.

N.B. The cable has been produced to take the full snatch weight of a Portafold at the maximum weight the chassis can handle. But, you will be using this cable at your own risk and there are no guarantees or assurances made by, or on behalf of, portafold.co.uk


£21.00 each

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Portafold Breakaway Cable

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