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Shelf/Area at the end of the van

Anything you've created that didn't come out of the factory.
Misty Meg
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Re: Shelf/Area at the end of the van

Post by Misty Meg » Tue, 31 Aug 2010, 4:34 pm

After seeing all the folds with shelves at the end of vans at the weekend I have decided I would like to make up one out of plywood to use at the Revival.

Obviously I'll measure up the length and width depending on the foot well and the distance between the sides - but can anyone recommend the minimum thickness of ply I can get ( to keep the weight down) without it having a tendency to bow in the middle?

This way I will be able to cook inside in comfort without worrying about top heavy tables and winds blowing a gale and threatening to rip my awning off! (However - all in all an excellent weekend and great to finally meet those who were able to make it...) :wave:

Hugs to all (again!) - Jenny :D

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Re: Shelf/Area at the end of the van

Post by SEDDON » Tue, 31 Aug 2010, 8:45 pm

Hi Misty Meg,

That's just what we did in the end, got a 2ft wide ply from B&Q, put a long baton of wood front and back on the underside with another 2 batons running the other way so it divides the ply into 3, all screwed from the top as the ply not thick enough, we then used these to attach legs to that fold, the leg tops rest on the batons with the help of a gate hinge, and the bottom leg on the hull each side of the centre hatch, this was found to be quite stable and light weight. The only mistake we made was not putting the long back and front batons the full width of the board, but will be rectified as it means the space underneath cannot be slept in, but my what a great hidy storage space, all hid behind the curtain, hope you can understand what I mean. If I had Flickr or it's rivals I would post a pic, so we'll have to see what strength it has without the legs. We're just on trial and error at the mo...

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Re: Shelf/Area at the end of the van

Post by corvette73uk » Tue, 12 Jan 2016, 2:48 pm

Hi Matthew,

Did you or anyone manage to get the sink unit replicated & how is it attached i.e is it just put on the ridges at the back or are there clips that some people seem to refer to - more interested so we can put a bunk in.

Many thanks,

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