The Slightly Delayed Big 60th+1 Birthday Party of the Portafold (12th International Portafold & Ansfold Gathering) (i.e. 2021)

Help us set a new world record at the huge 60th+1 birthday party!

Ironically, the current record is 59 Portafolds and Ansfolds (we set that at the 2016 Newbury Retrofestival), so we want to smash this by getting well over 70 there this time. We have a lovely area that will take that number of caravans and the show itself is a fantastic event that will not disappoint. There really is something for the whole family.

So put the dates 13th, 14th, 15th of August 2021 in your diary now and get those dates booked off work early. Be part of a record breaking event that will go down in history.

Show Address: Newbury Showground, Priors Court, Hermitage, Thatcham, West Berkshire, RG18 9QZ

Don't book direct with the show organisers, just contact me (07771544419) to get your pitch saved.

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by Misty Meg
Tue, 31 Aug 2010, 4:34 pm
Forum: Modifications & Upgrades
Topic: Shelf/Area at the end of the van
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Re: Shelf/Area at the end of the van

After seeing all the folds with shelves at the end of vans at the weekend I have decided I would like to make up one out of plywood to use at the Revival. Obviously I'll measure up the length and width depending on the foot well and the distance between the sides - but can anyone recommend the minim...
by Misty Meg
Thu, 05 Aug 2010, 6:13 pm
Forum: Sold
Topic: 1972 Portafold on FreeAds - NOW SOLD
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Re: 1972 Portafold on FreeAds

Don't tell "Poppy" I said this - but wish I didn't have one so I could by that one! Lovely looking condition, and 1972 - just the year I wanted. Always the way.... :roll:
by Misty Meg
Mon, 02 Aug 2010, 12:50 pm
Forum: Modifications & Upgrades
Topic: Roof lifter
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Re: Roof lifter

That's a brilliant idea. I can't erect the Portafold on my own and feel like a wimp with the you tube posts which pop up now and again. I can just about lift the roof - although I nearly dropped that on my Uncle's head after spending the weekend polishing the thing (my excuse for wearing out my arms...
by Misty Meg
Sat, 24 Jul 2010, 9:58 pm
Forum: Wanted
Topic: Cushion covers
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Cushion covers

I would like a set of original cushion covers. Apparently they were originally in blue or orange, I have an offer of two large and two small covers in orange so now need four more small orange covers to complete the set. Anyone got any hanging around in relatively good nick (I appreciate they are ov...
by Misty Meg
Tue, 13 Jul 2010, 5:40 pm
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Fire extinguishers
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Fire extinguishers

For those that don't have one - Lidl are selling them from Thursday at the bargain price of £6.99 - not sure if in all areas. Due to the flamable nature of fibreglass (and cars etc) - I have bought one and if you are at shows you will need to have one. Better for everyones safety - who knows - perha...
by Misty Meg
Mon, 05 Jul 2010, 8:38 am
Forum: Owners Gallery
Topic: First Portafold in Sweden.
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Re: First Portafold in Sweden.

Hi Steve - Just a thought - this is a Portafold, rather than an Ansfold, so it won't have the double skin will it? I've been playing with mine this weekend and went out to check this. Without the double skin I doubt there is plywood involved - fingers crossed. Best wishes - Jenny (Either my arms wil...
by Misty Meg
Fri, 25 Jun 2010, 8:54 pm
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Insurance at last!!
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Re: Insurance at last!!

Don't know that I should mention this - but I took Polly away last weekend, got there, parked up, got her set up and then the husband said the fatal words - "Have you got the key?" "No - they're on the side at home..... :crazy: " But a small key on his key fob did the trick! Think I may need some ne...
by Misty Meg
Fri, 25 Jun 2010, 8:47 pm
Forum: Owners Gallery
Topic: Our new Portafold
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Re: Our new Portafold

I was sooooo chuffed as I got an "original" awning when I bought mine - but I think mine is half the size of yours.

I don't care what they say - size does matter, especially when on holiday :D
by Misty Meg
Wed, 23 Jun 2010, 6:12 pm
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Portafolds spotted out and about
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Re: Portafolds spotted out and about

I went to Paignton for the weekend and spotted one - or rather the hubby did. I noticed a large "portable" (?) garage I was admiring, completely missing the portafold parked up next to it until it was pointed out to me (not blonde for no reason!)

Belonging to anyone on here?
by Misty Meg
Tue, 15 Jun 2010, 6:02 pm
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Booking in to campsites!
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Re: Booking in to campsites!

Not half as good as Melton Mobray (hopefully) :thumbup: The others will be old - but ours will also be individual... Re camp sites I believe they have to consider them caravans as, unlike a trailer tent, the sides and roof are solid - to do with their quotas and insurance. Discovered last bank holid...