The 11th International Portafold & Ansfold Gathering (i.e. 2019)

Following the huge success of the 10th International Gathering we'll be at Retrofestival again. It's a massive show now and is popular with everyone.

It's held at the Newbury Showground, Priors Court, Hermitage, Thatcham, West Berkshire, RG18 9QZ; on the weekend of the 9th, 10th & 11th of August 2019.

Don't book with the organisers, just contact me to get your pitch saved.

Wanted - Portafold

Any 'Wanted' requests.
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Wanted - Portafold

Post by Dragonfly » Wed, 29 Jan 2014, 11:14 pm


Having decided a Portafold is for us, we now need to find one :)
Looking for one that's ready to go, complete, no leaks etc. Ideally needing minimum to no work. Interior wise - don't mind if it needs a bit of help in this department, aslong as it's dry.
We're based in Cambridgeshire, near Peterborough, but don't mind a bit of driving to find / pick up the right one.
And budget wise, under £1000 would be great, but can go a bit higher for the right van.

Not in a huge rush - we wouldn't be in a position to pick up for a couple of weeks - but nice to hopefully get one in time for show season.


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Re: Wanted - Portafold

Post by vauxhallbitz » Wed, 09 Apr 2014, 5:24 pm


Did you get a Portafold?

Regards, Fraser.

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