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Early Tubular Portafold for sale - NOW SOLD

Posted: Fri, 18 Aug 2017, 6:23 pm
by Admin
An early tubular Portafold has come up for sale:


Please mention when you make contact with Adam and Karina.

My disclaimer:

Just so you know, I am completely impartial and I won't give any valuations on Portafolds or Ansfolds, neither do I get involved in the price being asked for any caravans being sold. I do not act as a go-between or an agent and therefore I take no commission or fee for putting prospective buyers in touch with sellers. This is a purely free service that I provide to the members of this forum. Beware of individuals that deal in Portafolds who masquerade as private sellers. As far as I am aware, all the details I pass on are private sellers, unless I specifically state otherwise in the listing.