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Beaulieu has custom display

Posted: Wed, 18 Jun 2008, 6:23 pm
by Snorbs
I know this is not portafold related, but i know alot of you are interested in vehicles as well, so when i went to the tourist information today to collect some leaflets i remembered to to pick up the leaflet for Beaulieu national motor museum as i was told a while ago there was a new display for 2008 which was called "The art of custom" and is basically a collection of cars and bikes and they have been changed from there normal design to hotrod/custom car design, which i love.

I am not sure how long the display is on for so if you thinking of going like i am, i would say a quick phone call or look at there website first might be a good idea rather than wasting that expensive fuel and avoid disappointment.You never know you might be rubbing shoulders with your fellow portafold owners :D