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Aquaroll problem

Posted: Tue, 17 Jun 2008, 8:56 pm
by txfsealord
Hi all, I'm probably being silly, but I haven't found anywhere in the folded Ansfold to stow the Aquaroll! It's a standard 40litre which used to fit just inside the door (only just). Now, with the gas-bottles boxed on the drawbar, I've a lot of noseweight & need to put this large, light object forwards.

I'm in a hurry (what's new) 'cos I'm all behind (as usual), it's the car-club National rally this weekend & the caravan isn't ready (again). This was the situation at the 2007 National rally (nice to know some things can be relied upon not to change!)

For the temporary moment, I've taken both tyres off the Aquaroll & cut 1/2" from the front window-clamping stud on the LH side. These studs all seem longer than necessary & dig-into one's back at every opportunity, so that's something to do to them all eventually. Anyway, these machinations permit the folding of the side without distortion with the 'roll at the front of the footwell. A bit of a pain, though!

Where oh where can I stow my Aquaroll without having to de-tyre it, please? What does everyone else do? Is this item made in different sizes or shapes? With the bog in the car boot already, there isn't room there, & I'd rather not have either of these on the back seat. All helpful suggestions welcome!

Steve Lord